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Planned events!

17th - 18th Oct 2020
Hodor invasions
in Woomyon
+epic special dailies

19th still items+seals

24th - 25th Oct 2020
Sub-Bosses + some
other mobs in WW

30th Oct - 2nd Nov 2020
Halloween Event
Pumpkins + Mobs
+ collect pumpkins!

7th - 8th Nov 2020
GoT monsters:)
& Many Wild Dogs
in Woomyon for the
whole weekend!


Happy Hours!

20th of Oct 2020
Happy Hour exp x2
7pm UK Time

Planned reboots!

atm dates change
on day to day basis

22nd of Oct 2020
morning around 11am

26th of Oct 2020
morning around 11am
Will take around 2 hours!

16th of Nov 2020
morning around 11am


Download full client,
make game account
in the launcher and
enjoy the game!

Packed client:
Google Drive

(Patch - not necessary!)

(WizWep 19/10/2017)

(IP patch if need)

(Latest Maps)

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Poradnik Instalacji PL
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Top Lists - Vote!

As you all know there been some polls and people decided on new Castle War rules
to avoid further grief play & abuse. Here are the changes:

Rules regarding MudWall & Sabuk Castle Wars:
1. If you are starting a Sabuk or Mudwall war, you are obligated to fight 30min minimum.
If you come in the last 10min just to take the flag, you lose!
2. You cannot use pets at wars! The only pets allowed are basic tao pets.
3. If your guild is no longer active you are not permitted to keep the wall, eg. by defending the wall using your allies.
(It would be a waste to keep a wall for some1 who does not use it)
4. Changing guild only for the War is not allowed, you have to stay in the guild you are a permanent member of.
5. Psychological warfare is allowed, but only twice per month. (eg twice in may, twice in april etc.).
(psychological warfare = starting a war and not turning up for it).
If some guild start a war every couple days and never turn up, guild leaders will be red zoned for a long period of time.
6. Using "ress bug" on MudWall war is forbidden, once you die and have the bug, wait 3 seconds and let the "auto ress zone tele"
take you away from the podium. (ress bug = bug which makes you ress at the same spot you died after pressing "ress in town" option).


Jak wiecie byly glosowania przez ostatni miesiac apropo zmian w regulaminie na temat wojen.
Server zadecydowal i zasady sa juz aktywne, prosze sie z nimi zapoznac.

Zasady dotyczace wojen o miasta Sabuk & MudWall:
1. Jeśli wywołujesz wojnę o Sabuk, jesteś zobowiązany/ana do walczenia minimum 30minut!!
Jeśli wpadniesz w przeciągu ostatnich 10 min przegrywasz walkowerem.
2. Nie wolno uzywac petow podczas wojen! Jedyne dozwolone pety to pety tao.
3. Jesli twoja guild juz nie jest aktywna, nie wolno trzymac miasta, dla przykladu: broniac go inna guild, z ktora macie ally.
(To byloby marnotrawstwo trzymac zamek dla gildi, ktora go nie uzywa)
4. Zmienianie gildi tylko na wojne jest nie dozwolone, podczas wojny musisz byc w guild do ktorej przynalezysz.
5. Wojna psychologiczna jest dozwolona, lecz tylko dwa razy na miesciac. (np. 2 razy w maju i 2 razy w czerwcu).
(wojna psychologiczna - wojna w ktorej guild wywolujaca wojne nie pojawia sie).
Jesli jakas guild bedzie wywolywac wojne co pare dni i nigdy na nia nie przychodzic, liderzy dostana dlugie kary red zone.
6. Uzywanie "ress buga" na wojnie w MudWall jest zabronione, jak zginiesz i dostaniesz buga
- poczekaj 3 sekundy az "automatyczny teleport do ress zone" cie wezmie z podium.
(ress bug = bug ktory pozwala ci ressnac sie w tym samym miejscu gdzie zginales po kliknieciu "ress in town" podczas wojny w MudWall)

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