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Planned events!

17th - 18th Oct 2020
Hodor invasions
in Woomyon
+epic special dailies

19th still items+seals

24th - 25th Oct 2020
Sub-Bosses + some
other mobs in WW

30th Oct - 2nd Nov 2020
Halloween Event
Pumpkins + Mobs
+ collect pumpkins!

7th - 8th Nov 2020
GoT monsters:)
& Many Wild Dogs
in Woomyon for the
whole weekend!


Happy Hours!

20th of Oct 2020
Happy Hour exp x2
7pm UK Time

Planned reboots!

atm dates change
on day to day basis

22nd of Oct 2020
morning around 11am

26th of Oct 2020
morning around 11am
Will take around 2 hours!

16th of Nov 2020
morning around 11am


Download full client,
make game account
in the launcher and
enjoy the game!

Packed client:
Google Drive

(Patch - not necessary!)

(WizWep 19/10/2017)

(IP patch if need)

(Latest Maps)

Setup Guide EN
Poradnik Instalacji PL
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There are new event rules since 15/10/2015!! Read this well please!!

Rules about events!
a) its forbidden to PvP during events! Only moment when you are allowed to PVP or PK is
if someone attacked you first! Defending yourself is now permitted!
What is more if someone try to steal your event mob - he does not play fair,
and you are allowed to attack or kill such player! (please do not cross the line of good taste!)

- if event happens on normal map PvP is allowed 5min after event ends.
b) it is forbidden to steal a boss after one group or player took 50% hp of it already.
- if the event boss has more than 50% hp, everybody can join the killing.
- if item drops players who participated need to dice for it, but only the class who can wear item.
(eg. if dropped warrior sword, only warriors will dice for it!)
- people who did not kill the boss cannot pick up items.
(unless they fought the boss as well and some random person just finished it up trying to steal it)
c) it is fobidden to steal "event mobs" aka: hodors, twinkis, nymphs etc.! No HP rule, if you find the
mob the mob is yours its not allowed to steal it no more. (50% rule is only for bosses and trees).
ps. You are not allowed to lure all event mobs and make them yours, event is event learn to share!

d) it is forbidden to pick up anybody items without their permission during event!


Nowe zasady eventowe od dnia 15/10/2015! Prosze przeczytac porzadnie!!

NA CZERWONO sa zaznaczone zmiany w zasadach!

Zasady obowiazujace w czasie eventow
a) totalny zakaz PVP na eventach. (Jedynym momentem kiedy mozesz PVP badz PK jest moment
w ktorym ktos zaatakowal cie pierwszy i tylko sie bronisz! Bronienie sie jest teraz dozwolone!
Co wiecej jesli ktos probuje ukrasc twojego "eventowego mobka" - nie gra fer i mozesz teraz
go zaatakowac badz zabic bez kary. (Prosze nie naginac tej zasady)

- jesli event odbywa sie na normalniej mapie, 5min po jego zakonczeniu zakaz juz nie obowiazuje.
b) zakaz kradziezy bossa eventowego jesli jakas grupa badz jednostka zbily mu 50% hp,
natomiast jesli eventowy boss ma wiecej jak 50% hp kazdy ma prawo dolaczyc sie do jego bicia.
- jesli dropnie itemek, kazdy kto bral udzial w zabijaniu eventowego mobka ma prawo do dropa,
tym samym jesli np. dropnie kosa dla wara, kazdy war ktory bral udzial w huncie powinien rzucic kosta o itemka.
- osoby ktore nie dobily bossa nie maja prawa podnosic jego dropa, chyba ze walczyli znacznie
dluzej jak inne grupy badz bossa dobila osoba przypadkowa.
c) zabroniona jest kradziez "mobow eventowych" takich jak hodory, swinki, twinkies, nymphy i tym podobne!
Nie ma juz 50% HP zasady! Jesli znajdziesz moba - mob jest juz twoj i nie mozna go tobie ukrasc!
(zasada 50% zostala tylko dla bossow i drzewek).
- Nie mozna takze lurowac wszystkich eventowych mobow, aby sobie je zabukowac, trzeba sie podzielic!!

d) zakaz podnoszenia cudzych itemow bez zgody ich wlasciciela.

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