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Top Lists - Vote!

List Of Special Quest Items with NPC in safe house:

ProbeNecklace = allows you to check other players coordinates.

SkillNecklace = when equipped skills level faster.
RevivalRing = Keeps player alive. (when u get to low health it will automatically
fill it back up and lose some dura - fix it regullary to avoid vanishing!)
ResurrectionRing = upgraded version of RevivalRing.
ResurgenceRing = upgraded version of ResurrectionRing.
TeleportRing = allows user to teleport to chosen coordinates.
ParalysisRing = paralyse the monsters for short period of time.
ProtectionRing = makes your mana work as health.
MuscleRing = Ring which allows you to carry more.

RingOfStrength = MuscleRing upgrade:).
SilverRings = Upgrades to Para/Pro Rings.
XtremeRings = Upgrades to  Para/Pro Rings.

List Of Quests for various items:

SacredItems = Quest in front of BlackPalace. (normal stats items, made of uni items)

SekhmetItems = Quest in PazuzuRuins. (better than items from pazuzutaurus)

SekhmetusItems = Upgrade of Sekhmet Items. NPC in Pazuzu.
IsisItems = Upgrade to SekhmetusItems. NPC in VileScorpions.
KimJong Items = Upgrade to Isis Items. NPC in SavageWoods.
Trump Items
= Upgrade to
KimJong Items. NPC in AbysalCity.
Bonaparte Items = Upgrade to Trump Items. NPC in XtremeIndians.

GolemItems = Quest in Golems M1 92 26. (various rare items 51 level stats)

BarbarianItems Upgrade = Quest in BarbarianLand. (various items, NPC by AntleryBarbarian spawn place)
AntleryItemsUp = Upgrade to BarbarianItems - Barbarians F1 233 54
BrutalItemsUp = Upgrade to AntleryItems - ToughDinoF3 Entrance

Night/DarkNight Items = Quest in NightBichon. (various rare items)

VampireItems = HPSteal Ring + great Wiz/Tao brace:) NPC on entrance to Vampires East.
(can be upgraded to VampireLordRing)

LionMasterItems = NumaLandF4 97 331

DarkLord Items = Quest in DarkPit. (various rare items)
Darkness Items = Upgrade of DarkLord items:) Quest in DarkPit.
Twilight Items = Upgrade of Darkness items:) Quest in DarkPitF2.
Evening Items = Upgrade of Twilight items:) NPC in Night Bichon.
ShoeDesigner = Various shoes quests. NPC can be found in some of the houses in Woomyon.

List Of Ring Quests:

GiantRing = Quest on Golems map. (NPC on F2 next to houses)
ColossusRing = Upgrade to GiantRing. Quest on Golems map. (NPC on F3 next to houses)
CyclopsRing = Upgrade to ColossusRing. Quest on Golems GRP F1.

Antlery/CadiumRings = Velo for war/ WizTao stats, NPC in BarbarianLand near teleport
Savage&Calamine = Upgrade to Antlery/Cadium Barbarians F2 181 92.
Fero&Calamity = Upgrade to Savage&Calamine NPC in BarbarianLand near teleport

WildRing = Quest in WildPalace. (good stats, no level requirements)
LoveRing = Upgrade to WildRing. Quest in ViciousCave. (great stats, no level requirements)
PassionRing = Upgrade to LoveRing. Quest in OverseersCave. (amazing stats, no level requirements)
RingOfJoy = Upgrade to PassionRing. Quest in FrozenPalace F3. (superb stats, no level requirements)

CitrusRing = StatsRing, NPC before EvilDragonGod KR.
VodkaRing = Upgrade to CitrusRing, NPC before JinchonDevil KR.
CognacRing = Upgrade to VodkaRing, NPC before IceQueen KR.
WhiskyRing = Upgrade to CognacRing, NPC around Wild KR.

List Of Bracelets Quests:

Defensive Bracelet & Upgrades:
OgreKingBracelet = Quest in OgrePit. (NPC before entrance, good defense bracelet)
ToughKingBracelet = Quest in ToughDino. (NPC on entrance, upgrade to OgreKingBracelet)
HeroicKingGlove = Quest in ToughIndians. (NPC on entrance, upgrade to ToughKingBracelet)
EpicKingBracelet = Quest in Centipedus Cave. (NPC on F4 Centipedus)
GrandKingBracelet = Quest in Vile Boars Cave. (NPC on Entrance)
LegendaryGlove = Quest in FrozenMaidens. (NPC there as well)
ExceptionalGlove = Quest in AbysalCity Cave. (NPC there as well)
ImperialGlove = Quest in all of the above caves. (NPC in Woomyon Village)

List Of Necklaces Quests:

SeaNeckleus = Quest on TheBeach. (bonus % dmg for Wiz & Tao)
Various Necklaces - OccultLair KR (Upgrade to CW & Xuanwu Necklace etc).

DinozaurusNecklace = Quest in Underground. (no level requirements + has luck)

GalacticNecklace = Towerus entrance (no level requirements + has luck)

Solar/Pleiades/Cassiopeia Necklaces = NPC before the IsleOfSkyeF2 (upgradges to savant, lsn & galactic)
Special Upgrades = NPC by IceLord KR (upgradges to savant, lsn & galactic

List Of Weapons Quests:

PazuzuSword = Quest NPC on PazuzuRuins entrance, upgrade of DGS.
SwordOfDarkness = Quest NPC on LandOfShadows entrance, upgrade of PazuzuSword.
ValyrianSword = Quest NPC by ViciousAndLord KR, upgrade of SwordOfDarkness.
TizonaSword = Quest NPC before AquaTaurusKR, upgrade of ValyrianSword.
GloriousSword = Quest NPC before OccultLairF3 KR, upgrade of TizonaSword.

List Of Armour Quests:

Lizard/Lords Armor = Level 52 armor, quest NPC on PitOfTheLords entrance.
Overlord/Reptilian Armor = Level 61 armor, quest NPC on PitOfTheLords entrance.
Upgrade to OverLordItems - F3 on PitOfTheLords.

ZumazuKingArmor = Rare armor, quest NPC in Zumazu - upgrade to OctopusArmor.

ToughKingArmor = Rare armor, quest NPC in ToughDinoF3 - upgrade to ZumazuArmor.
OccultLordArmor = Rare armor, quest NPC in Mystic KR - upgrade to ToughKingArmor.
MightyLordArmo = Rare armor, quest NPC in in Barb F3 - upgrade to OccultLordArmor.

List Of Helmets Quests:

Lizard/Lords Helmet = Level 52 rare helmet, quest NPC on PitOfTheLords entrance.
Overlord/Reptilian Helmet = Level 61 helmets, quest NPC on PitOfTheLords entrance.
(Upgrades to Lizard & Lord

LionKingHelmet = Quest NPC at the end of NumaLand F4, close to boss, its upgrade of LionHelmet.
EpicLionHelmet = Quest NPC can be found in IsleOfSkeF2, its upgrade to LionKingHelmet.
PantherHelmet = Quest NPC can be found before JL KR, its upgrade to EpicLionHelmet.

Shako/Kepi = Level 58 helmets, quest NPC can be found in LandOfShadows.
Epic Shako/Kepi = Level 65 helmets, quest NPC can be found by LordOfDarkness KR.

List of Set Items:

ChangeSet = gives HP for MP. (can be found in magic ship)
NumaSet = bonus stats for classes 33dc/28sc/28mc. (NumaRuins all mobs)
EnmitySet = Critical Hits x3 (1 item always vanish on death). (EvilTongs)
OrchidSet = +2acc and HP stealing. (ApeKing)
RecallSet = allows to recall group. (4 pieces from 4 different bosses)
WildSet = better version of NumaSet. (drops from WildTaurus)
AdamSet = ac/mr/sc/dc/mc +7. (zoo = slashers, monkeys)

List Of HP stealing items:

OrchidItems (ApeKing)
Sea Ring & Bracelet (Quest on TheBeach)
CrazyWar items (LizardBoss, IceQueen, MysticLord)
Xuanwu items (AquaTaurus, IceLord, VampireLord)
Dark Knight items (SilverKnight)

List of other special items:

LawSoulNecklace (increase wiz/tao dmg by 20% = MysticLord)
SeaNecklace (increase wiz/tao dmg by 7% = TheBeach)
SavantNecklace (chance to posion monster with each hit)
PrimalRage (great weapon with poison and good stats)

VermilionStone (high stats stone, various quest level 51)

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