Server maintenance 29/10/2014

Server maintenance took place Wed 29/10/2014
between 12:01pm and 13:01pm GMT+0 (uk time)

There were some small additions/fixes:
1. Some NPC info was altered to make it cleared.
2. You can now use town teleport on PVP arenas.
3. There is a new KR for Ghouls.
4. Small changes in JinchonLord KR (test).
5. RefineNPC has a new option to remove a dis.
6. IceMaidens necklaces stats fixed.
7. DarkLordus FP script fixed.
8. Two new quests in safe house:
44 level booty quest & 34 one more level FP quest!

Sorry for the inconvenience!


Server maintenance odbyl sie 29/10/2014
miedzy 13:01 a 14:01 w poludnie czasu polskiego.

Dodane/naprawione zostalo pare drobnych rzeczy:
1. Pare NPC zostalo napisanych bardziej jasno.
2. Mozna teraz juz uzywac tt w PvP zonach.
3. Nowy KR dla Ghouli.
4. Pare zmian w JinchonLord KR na test.
5. RefineNPC ma teraz opcje zdjecia disa.
6. Staty neckow z IceMaidenow naprawione.
7. DarkLorduS daje juz FP jak powinien.
8. Dwa nowe questy w safe house:
Level 44 quest na matsy oraz level 34 quest na FP.


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