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17 Mar 2022 - Some info 17/03/2022 :)!

Hello Dark Siders!

Here we go another full moon:)

I have changed server date to normal, if you had
any timed items, please report them to me! Don't over keep:)

Late weekend bonuses were sent to all active players
on Monday 14th of March 2022. If you didn't get please report!

I need like 10-20 more screenshots, and I will upload!
So - If you have any nice & unique please do send
to Shogunek@hotmail.com (If picked & used,
you will get between 100 to 200 intes per screen)


Some recent changes/additions 17th of March 2022:
1. DarkKnightRing can now be upgraded to GloomKnight.
(Quest may still be altered)
2. Primal upgrade is already done, however it will not come until another
two bosses are added to the game, hopefuly soon!
3. From now on you can make ImperialRing(ADV) the same way as you
did the bracelet. I will not swap bracelet for ring though, if you want the ring
you need to do quest again!
4. SuperHighReward scroll has some swappable rewards available now!
5. Some bosses will now drop TomeksLollipop that allows you to summon
LordusTomek in Bichon.
6. New event boss LordusDestruction will also spawn in Bichon sometimes.
7. New hp steal set Jigong has been added to drop files.
8. NefariousLord now spawn in Nefarious KR, it's for the tests only, it's not gonna
be new high level boss, just average around 63-67 level for quest stuff, and some items.
Please test it, and let me know the damage if good, then I will prepare proper system for KR.

Thank you all for playing, and enjoy the game!


Witam Dark Sajderzy!

Nastepny full moon wiec pora na updaty:)

Zmienilem date/czas servera na normalny, jesli miales/as jakis
itemek czasowy i zostanie dluzej prosze zglosic nie trzymac!:)

Spoznione weekend bonusy byly wyslane do aktywnych graczy
dnia 14 Marca 2022. Jesli ktos nie dostal prosze zglaszac.

Potrzeba mi jeszcze z 10-20 screenkow i bedzie upload!
takze prosze wysylac je na Shogunek@hotmail.com.
(Jesli beda uzyte dostaniesz od 100 do 200 inta za screena)


Pare drobnych zmian 17-stego Marca 2022:
1. DarkKnightRing moze teraz byc ulepszony do GloomKnight.
(quest moze jeszcze ulec zmianie)
2. Upgrade primala jest juz gotowy, ale nie bedzie mozliwy do zrobienia,
az do dodania 2 bossow na bardzo wysoki level. (mam nadzieje bardzo niedlugo)
3. Od teraz mozna robic ImperialRing(ADV) w ten sam sposob jak bracke.
Nie zamienie bracki na ringa oczywiscie, jesli ktos chce ringa musi robic questa
od nowa.
4. SuperHighReward scroll ma juz pare czesci na wymiane, bedzie wiecej soon!
5. Pare bossow dropi teraz TomeksLollipop, ktory pozwala respnac
LordusaTomka w Bichon.
6. Nowy boss eventowy LordusDestruction teraz takze czasem respnie w Bichon.
7. Nowy set z HP steal zwany Jigong zostal dodany do dropa.
8. Nowy boss NefariousLord jest dodany na test, narazie tylko bazowy na test KR
i test jego sily, jak okaze sie spoko bedzie dodany jego system.
Bedzie to boss na 63-67 level na questowe rzeczy i pare itemkow.

Dziekuje wszystkim za gre i zycze dobrej zabawy!

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May 21, 2022, 01:01:10 PM
also probably you just try too long password;)


May 21, 2022, 12:40:07 PM
:)) don't you have any old accounts?

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May 21, 2022, 02:51:49 AM
always when I want to create account on launcher it says illegal characters!


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May 19, 2022, 10:22:33 AM
Please do not forget RESP x2 this WEEKEND!


May 12, 2022, 01:04:06 PM
Golem grp M3 is fucked:)) wrong map:) it works but map is wrong, should be smaller I will fix on next reboot:)


May 09, 2022, 01:21:51 PM
Oi Jon said people still very hungry for some booty/mats:)

so enjoy little extra auction on forums!:)


May 07, 2022, 04:08:59 PM
8th of May 2022
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20:00 PL/German Time

DONT MISS tomorroW


April 24, 2022, 01:45:05 PM
 ::) ::) Biiig invasions ☺️


April 24, 2022, 11:16:32 AM
Put some Perverts on WW these no invasion xD 0 mobs :)

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