Server maintenance 28/08/2014

Server maintenance took place on Thursday 28/08/2014

There were some changes/additions made to the game:
1. Some new quests in fp/various/integral npcs.
2. New ZumaLords to test once again.
3. Little integral price change in skills + 24 hours special items.
4. MiniMino dmg/hp/speed altered.
5. Bosses for lvls 50+ are now back in game with full drop files.
(JinchonLord, UndeadLord, DarkLordus, PazuzuTaurus)
6. Sacred items can be made now for 4GB not 7GB anymore.
7. Small changes to lvl 35 maps.
8. RoninGhouls are now easier to lure. Enjoy low levels!
9. Some more various changes in items/armors/weapons.

Enjoy the game!


Server maintenance odbyl sie w czwartek 28/08/2014

Zostalo dodanych/zmienionych kilka rzeczy:
1. Pare nowych questow w fp/various/integral npc.
2. Nowe ZumaLordy pod kolejny test.
3. Pare zmian w cenach skilli/24godzinnych itemow w intach.
4. MiniMino predkosc/dmg/hp zmienione.
5. Bossy na lvl 50+ wrocily do gry z pelnymi drop listami.
(JinchonLord, UndeadLord, DarkLordus, PazuzuTaurus)
6. Robienie sacred itemow kosztuje teraz tylko 4GB.
7. Male zmiany na mapkach na lvl 35+
8. Roniny da sie teraz latwiej lurowac. Pozdro low levelki:)
9. Pare innych zmian w itemach/armach i broni.


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