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Planned events!

4th-5th Feb 2023
Random double boss
spawns in KRs:)
+ seals in WW

11th-12th Feb 2023
Hodor invasions
time intervals of 2-3h
and spawns up to 300
coords in Woomyon

18th-19th Feb 2023
Babbary & MagMagikI
spawns in Woomyon:)
Drops loads of intes!


Happy Hours!

3rd of Feb 2023
Happy Hour drop x2
6pm UK Time

4th of Feb 2023
Happy Hour exp x2
probably afternoon!

Planned reboots!

10th of Feb 2023
morning around 11:15am


Download full client,
make game account
in the launcher and
enjoy the game!

Packed client:
Google Drive

Use 7Zip if unpacking
client on other windows
than windows 10,
otherwise you
may have issues!

(Patch - not necessary!)

(WizWep 19/10/2017)

(IP patch if need)

(Latest Maps)

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Hello Dark Siders!

This weekend there are bosses spawning in Woomyon,
so please be careful!, and do them in groups!
Share with others!! don't be selfish!

Weekend bonuses should arrive to you today,
between 1 & 3, depending on activity in past three weeks!

I still want to update our facebook page with new screenhots!
So - If you have any nice & unique please do send
to Shogunek@hotmail.com (If picked & used,
you will get between 100 to 200 intes per screen)

Please take part in important poll here:

There is also a new rule about booking bosses, because on some maps like
Dark Pit F2 walk is very long, so if you book, and don't plan to PVP please
do answer people shouts, save them the time walking!

It's after point 2.3 in Boss rules!:
a) If you arrive to the boss respawn area first, don't go afk too long,
or you will lose right to this boss, also make sure to answer any
shout asking if anyone is there, if you don't for too long,
you will forfeit right to the boss!

Visit our facebook at:

Some recent changes/additions 12th Novembet 2021:
1. WarlordStone stats have been changed from 27-67 to 40-67.
2. LeopardHelmet has new looks, if you guys prefer the old on, please complain!
3. Liquors L XL & XXL weight has been decreased.
4. Some lower & medium boss teleports for integrals have now level limits!
If you are high level you can still go any boss, but without shortcuts.
5. Boombox will require talismans soon, it's being tested this week.

Thank you all for playing, and enjoy the game!


Witam Dark Sajderzy!

W ten weekend mamy inwazje bossow w Woomyon,
prosze wiec uwazac, a takze bic je w groupach!
Zabijanie wszystkiego solo jest nie na miejscu, to gra zespolowa!

Weekend bonusy powinny przyjsc dzisiaj, gracze dostana
miedzy 1, a 3, w zaleznosci od aktywnosci w ostatnich 3 tygodniach!

Ciagle potrzebne nowe fajne screeny pod FB,
takze prosze wysylac je na Shogunek@hotmail.com.
(Jesli beda uzyte dostaniesz od 100 do 200 inta za screena)

Mam nadzieje ze wszyscy sie juz przyzywaili do nowych rebow,
tabelki expa i wszystko jest jasne. Jesli macie pytania prosze o PM
do mnie tutaj, na facebooku, discordzie badz mailem na Shogunek@hotmail.com

Prosze wziac udzial w waznym glosowaniu tutaj:

Jest takze nowa zasada o bookowaniu bossow, jako ze mapach typu
DarkPit F2 droga jest dluga, jak juz zabookowales bossa a nie planujecie
PVP, to odpisz im na shouty nie idz afk, oszczedz im czasu chodzenia.

Jest to podpunkt to punktu 2.3 w zasadach o bossach!:
a) Jesli przyszedles do miejsca respa bossa i zajmujesz go sobie,
nie idz afk na abyt dlugo, albo mozesz stracic do niego prawo.
Takze upewnij sie ze odpowiesz na shouty graczy(jak pytaja czy ktos jest,
aby nie marnowali czasu idac 10min, jak ty juz tam jestes i zajales miejsce),
jesli zbyt dlugo nie takze mozesz stracic prawo do bossa.

Odwiedz naszego facebooka:

Pare drobnych zmian 12 Listopad 2021:
1. Staty WarlordStona zostaly zmienione z 27-67 na 40-67.
2. LeopardHelmet ma nowy wyglad, jesli sie wam nie podoba prosze nazekac!
3. Liquory L, XL & XXl waza teraz mniej.
4. Teleporty na bossy z intow maja teraz limit level, ktory moze je uzywac.
Duzy level ciagle moze oczywiscie na nie isc, ale nie za inty.
5. Boombox bedzie niedlugo potrzebowal talikow, aby byc uzywany,
bedzie to testowane w tym tygodniu!

Dziekuje wszystkim za gre i zycze dobrej zabawy!

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Chupa you really crazy your characters are there exists wherever you put them they there...


January 03, 2023, 06:54:22 PM
Give my characters back or else you will see new chupa reborn


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Happy New Year for everyone  ;)


December 31, 2022, 05:36:14 PM
Happy New Year everyone!

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