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08 Mar 2021 - Some info 08/03/2021 :)

Hello Dark Siders!

First of all all the best wishes to all our ladies
on international women's day! Some little gift
will arrive to all of you by the evening today!

Please always remember to help new players,
and check what rewards are available for it here:

If you have some questions or problems please do not hesitate
to pm me either here or on our facebook page!

Some changes/additions from 8th March 2021:
1. MightyBarbarian map was little tweeked, balanced, and it's final.
2. Drop of some Adolf quest pieces were altered during the testing
of the quest, and are final now.
3. Trees spawns in Woomyon have been changed.
4. 71 level quest armor inside looks have been altered.
5. Second ODL boss has now stable coords.
6. Student/Master system info has been added to its NPC.
7. Stats on Golem items have been altered.

Some changes/additions from 8th March 2021:
1. RingOfJoy can now be upgraded to RingOfTrust. NPC can be found
in one of the houses on F3 from SilverShip!
2. WhiskyRing can now be upgraded to TequilaRing, NPC can be found
in front of ScorpionTaurus KR.
3. CaesarRing NPC can be found in Woomyon at 358 202.
It's a final upgrade to Sekhmet items!
4. Sabuk & Mudwall demons are now little stronger, Sabuk owners can now
also rent LessieMaster, and Mudwall owners can now rent SharkusMaster.
5. New pets have been added to integral NPC, aka: MightyLessie,
MightySharkus & MinoZaurus.
6. All pets from all pet tokens are now for 3 hours (instead of 2 hours)
7. All pets prices from Integrals have been revised!
8. Dark & Darkness stones are now cheaper.
9. Master Refine & Master Craft stones can now be purchased from Ints NPC.
10. ScorpionTaurus now spawn much more often.
11. AshenLord now spawns on F3 of AshenCave.
12. NPC list on d menu has been updated.
13. GoldLord has been updated(it has all items now even 66+).

Thank you all for playing, and enjoy the game!


Witam Dark Sajderzy!

Po pierwsze najlepsze zyczenia dla naszych pan
w miedzynarodowym dniu kobiet! Maly prezent
przyjdzie na poczte do wieczorka!

Prosze zawsze pamietac o pomaganiu nowym gracza,
sa za to i za inne bonusy nagrody, lista tutaj:

Jesli ktos ma jakis problem badz zapytanie, prosze napisac mi PM tutaj
na forum badz do naszego facebook page!

Pare zmian dodatkow z przed 8smego Marca 2021:
1. MightyBarbarians mapka zostala lekko zmieniona, zbalansowana i jest finalowa.
2. Drop niektorych czesci z Adolg questa byl zmieniany podczas jego testow,
ale jest juz staly i taki juz zostanie.
3. Respy drzewek eventowych w Woomyon zostaly pozmieniane.
4. Wyglad wewnetrzny armora questowego na 71 level zostal zmieniony.
5. Drugi ODL boss respi teraz na stalych coordach.
6. Student/Master system dostal porzadny opis u swojego NPC.
7. Staty na Golem itemach zostaly zmienione.

Dodatki/zmiany z 8smego Marca 2021:
1. RingOfJoy moze teraz byc ulepszony do RingOfTrust. NPC mozna znalesc
w jednym z domkow na SilverShip F3.
2. WhiskyRing moze teraz byc ulepszony do TequilaRing, NPC mozna znalesc
przed KR ScorpionTaurusa.
3. CaesarRing NPC mozna znalesc w Woomyon na 358 202.
To ostatni upgrade do Sekhmet itemow!
4. Sabuk & Mudwall demony sa teraz troche silniejsze, wlasciciele Sabuk moga
takze teraz wynajmowac LessieMastera, a wlasciciele Mudwall moge brac SharkusMastera.
5. Nowe pety zostaly dodane do intow tzn. : MightyLessie,
MightySharkus & MinoZaurus.
6. Wszystkie pety z pet tokenow sa teraz na 3 godziny! (zamiast 2 godzin!)
7. Wszystkie ceny petow zosyaly pozmieniane.
8. Dark & Darkness kamienie sa teraz tansze.
9. Master Refine & Master Craft kamienie mozna teraz kupic u NPC od intow.
10. ScorpionTaurus respi teraz duzo czesciej.
11. AshenLord respi teraz na F3 AshenCave.
12. Lista NPC na d menu zostala zupdatowana.
13. GoldLord ma teraz wszystkie itemy(nawet te 66+).

Dziekuje wszystkim za granie i zycze dobrej zabawy!

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