Some info 29/05/2020 :)

Hello Dark Siders!

Please send me any nice & unique screenies to
(If used on our FB page, you will get between 100 to 200 intes per screen)

Please always remember to help new players,
and check what rewards are available for it here:

If you have some questions or problems please do not hesitate
to pm me either here or on our facebook page!

Some changes/additions from&before 29/05/2020:
1. XtremeIndians map has been added(stronger tough indians, for quest purposes)
2. New sub-boss SavageCaptain can now be found in SavageWoods.
(ATM only for quest purposes as well).
3. New Quest NPC for BonaparteItems can be found in XtremeIndians(upgrade
to Trump items, quests can still be changed if there is some lack of balance).
4. Some infos on the website have been updated in the guide secition(more to come).
5. New AshenCave (alternative to GreyCave for SilveryEdges drop)
6. New map FrozenTown with FrozenWolfKings added, but it need some testing
before it can be open to the public.
7. Some changes to spawns on various maps(DarkPit, VileBoars, Indians, and more)
8. Emergency Teleport prices have been increased(to make people walk more,
and lower the chance of stealing a boss from a GRP)

Thank you all for playing, and enjoy the game!


Witam Dark Sajderzy!

Prosze wysylac mi fajne screeny na
(Jesli beda uzyte dostaniesz od 100 do 200 inta za screena)

Prosze zawsze pamietac o pomaganiu nowym gracza,
sa za to i za inne bonusy nagrody, lista tutaj:

Jesli ktos ma jakis problem badz zapytanie, prosze napisac mi PM tutaj
na forum badz do naszego facebook page!

Pare zmian/dodatkow z/przed 29/05/2020:
1. Nowa mapka XtremeIndians zostala dodana(glownie pod questa).
2. Nowy sub-boss SavageCaptain pojawil sie w SavageWoods(narazie glownie quest).
3. Nowy NPC na BonapareItemki zostal dodany na XtremeIndians
(ulepszenie do Trump itemow, quest moze ulec zmianie do dwu tygodni).
4. Troche wiecej info mozna teraz znalesc na stronce w sekcji guide
(a bedzie jeszcze wiecej soon).
5. Nowy cave AshenCave (alternatywa do Greys pod SilveryEdges).
6. Nowa mapka FrozenTown z FrozenWolfKingami zostala dodana, ale narazie
trzeba ja potestowac za nim bedzie otwarta publicznie.
7. Pare zmian w respach na roznych mapach(DarkPit, VileBoars, Indians i wiecej).
8. Male zmiany w cenach emergency teleportow, aby zachecic do chodzenia,
a takze obnizyc szanse kradniecia sobie bossow.

Dziekuje wszystkim za granie i zycze dobrej zabawy!

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