Refine Information

Dark Side server has various options to refine items,
as well as to remove disadvantages etc.
Refine NPC can be found in the SAFE HOUSE!

To refine item normal way just go to safe house, and use
refine item option, or refine armor option for armor,
(This refine refines item +1 each use, and max to +5)

To do the refine you need:
1. RefineStone x 1
2. GoldOre x 5
3. CraftStone x1
4. 4 Mill Gold
5. Particular Item Stone x1
(eg. HelmetStone)

All of this can be bought from integral NPC or:

RefineStone drops from: OctopusLord, PazuzuGuardian,
AntleryGuardian, DarkLordGuardian, OctopusGuardian

CraftStone drops from: GuardMaster & OxWarrior.

After that once you have your item already+5 you can do
master refine! Master refine works from +6 to +10(+1 each use)
You need:

1. MasterRefineStone x 1
3. MasterCraftStone x1
2. Diamond x 5
4. 10 Mill Gold
5. Particular Item Stone x1
eg. HelmetStone)

MasterCraftStone drops from: IndianGuardian, ViciousKing,

MasterRefineStone drops from: MysticGuardian, ViciousKing,

There are also RefineScroll & MasterRefineScroll that can do the refine
without the need for all the stuff.

Each RefineScroll gives +1 on any item, up to +5max.

Each MasterRefineScroll gives +1 on any item, up max to+10.
(USE It only to refine items from+6 to more, donít use on unrefined

I hope that makes it all a bit clearer!

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