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Updates on and before 23/03/2018:

1. New event monsters "LittleBoars", were added couple weeks ago, for low
levels to enjoy in Woomyon.
2. Some small changes done to power caves / amount of mobs / spawn related.
3. GiantRing can be now upgraded to ColossusRing, NPC can be found on F3 in Golems.
4. Delay on using beckon changed from 2s to 3s, might be changed to 4s in future if needed.
5. Delay on Defiance and Might slightly lowered, just to test if it helps for pot bugs.
6. New VariousQuest for VermilionStone is available for levels 51+.
7. Limit of maximum of two guards in LOD KR is now in place to avoid stacking bosses.
8. There are now two more sub-bosses spawning in SaharaF2 to help you find SandJewels.
9. Darkness items can now be upgraded to Twilight, NPC can be found in DarkPit F2.
10. Level 60 weapons class change have been addded to GoldLord NPC.
11. Drop files and all items of DragonLord have been revised, there is now lots of goodies
to be found from this boss.
12. Unicorns map have been split in two, and way to DragonLord KR shortened.
(Also DragonLord system in KR is now different, there are 4 dragons before drop)
13. Rebirth 9 & 10 have been inplemented and its under testing now.
14. Taoist has now two options of 66 level pet, one for DMG one for TANKing.
15. New players do not get 7 day VIP tokens anymore, VIP is added straight onto character,
on first login. Another thing is new player gets a PetToken that can be used to spawn pet
permanently up to level 42.
16. Item refine to +10 is now allowed, and avilable from RefineNPC in Safe House.
Refine stones needed are not in integral NPC atm, only drops from specific sub-guardians.
ViciousKing, SorcererGuard and MysticGuardian drop MasterRefineStone,
ViciousKing, ZumazuGuardMaster and IndianGuardian drops MasterCraftStone.
I would like to also remind you that other old refine & dis stones drops from:
OctopusLord & Guardian, AntleryGuardian, PazuzuGuardian & DarkLordGuardian.
CraftStones from: OXWarriors & GuardMasters.
Particular item stones from: Velociraptors, AquaGuardian & NumaGuardians.

Please report any bugs ASAP!

Enjoy & Happy Hunting!


Updaty z, oraz przed 23/03/2018:

1. Nowe event mobki "LittleBoars", zostaly dodane pare tygodni temu, sa glownie
dla mniejszych level i respia w Woomyon.
2. Pare malych zmian w power caves / respy i czasy.
3. GiantRing moze teraz byc ulepszony go ColossusRing, NPC znajduje sie na F3 golemow.
4. Opoznienie po uzyciu beckon zostalo wydluzone z 2 do 3s, moze byc zmienione do 4 jesli
zajdzie taka potrzeba.
5. Opoznienie po uzyciu defiance i might lekko zmniejszone, aby sprawdzic
czy ma wplyw na pot buga.
6. Nowy VariousQuest na VermilionStone jest teraz dostepny na level 51+.
7. Limit do dwu guardow w LOD zostal wprowadzony, aby zapobiegac "stackowaniu".
8. Na Sahara F2 respia teraz dwa dodatkowe sub-bossy, aby pomoc w szybszym
znalezieniu SandJewels.
9. Darkness itemy moga zostac terasz polepszone do Twilight, NPC stoi na F2 DarkPit.
10. Wymiana Klasy broni na level 60 jest teraz dostepna u GoldLorda w SafeHouse.
11. Drop DragonLorda i wszystkie itemy zostaly przerobione / ulepszone a takze
duzo wiecej zostalo ich dodane.
12. Mapa unicorns zostala teraz podzielona na dwie rozne mapki, a droga do KR
DragonLorda tym samym skrocona(Takze system bycia bossa lekko zmieniony).
13. Rebirthy 9 & 10 zostaly dodane do gry i sa testowane.
14. Tao ma teraz dwie opcje peta na level 66, jeden pod DMG, drugi to TANK.
15. Nowi gracze nie dostaja juz tokena na vipa 70%, zamiast tego, VIP jest dodawany
prosto na postac przy pierwszym logowaniu. Nowy gracz takze dostaje PetTokena, ktorym
moze respic peta az do level 42 bez limitu ilosci.
16. Ref itemow do +10 jest teraz dostepny u RefineNPC w SafeHouse.
Kamienie potrzebne na te refy nie sa dostepne aktualnie u integral NPC.
(beda dodane w przyszlosci). Dropia ze specyficznych sub-bossow.
MasterRefineStone: ViciousKing, SorcererGuard and MysticGuardian.
MasterCraftStone: ViciousKing, ZumazuGuardMaster and IndianGuardian.
Chcialbym takze przypomniec ze starsze kamienie do refow dropia z:
OctopusLord & Guardian, AntleryGuardian, PazuzuGuardian & DarkLordGuardian.
CraftStony z: OXWarriors & GuardMasters. Specyficzne kamienie pod item
np. (ringstone): Velociraptors, AquaGuardian & NumaGuardians.

Prosze zglaszac bugi ASAP!

Enjoy & Happy Hunting!


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