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28 May 2020 - Refine Information

Dark Side server has various options to refine items,
as well as to remove disadvantages etc.
Refine NPC can be found in the SAFE HOUSE!

To refine item normal way just go to safe house, and use
refine item option, or refine armor option for armor,
(This refine refines item +1 each use, and max to +5)

To do the refine you need:
1. RefineStone x 1
2. GoldOre x 5
3. CraftStone x1
4. 4 Mill Gold
5. Particular Item Stone x1
(eg. HelmetStone)

All of this can be bought from integral NPC or:

RefineStone drops from: OctopusLord, PazuzuGuardian,
AntleryGuardian, DarkLordGuardian, OctopusGuardian

CraftStone drops from: GuardMaster & OxWarrior.

After that once you have your item already+5 you can do
master refine! Master refine works from +6 to +10(+1 each use)
You need:

1. MasterRefineStone x 1
3. MasterCraftStone x1
2. Diamond x 5
4. 10 Mill Gold
5. Particular Item Stone x1
eg. HelmetStone)

MasterCraftStone drops from: IndianGuardian, ViciousKing,

MasterRefineStone drops from: MysticGuardian, ViciousKing,

There are also RefineScroll & MasterRefineScroll that can do the refine
without the need for all the stuff.

Each RefineScroll gives +1 on any item, up to +5max.

Each MasterRefineScroll gives +1 on any item, up max to+10.
(USE It only to refine items from+6 to more, donít use on unrefined

I hope that makes it all a bit clearer!
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List of monsters that wiz can tame updated on 07/02/2020

On level 31 = Spiders
On level 36 = Kumas
On level 38 = BigApe
On level 40 = Monkeys, MadWhiteWorm, LovelyBother
On level 41 = HookingKing
On level 42 = ClawedAgilecus
On level 43 = Spiked/Axed Kumans
On level 44 = Clawedus, SmallIceMaggot, OmaClubber
On level 45 = OmaClubber, SlaveGuard
On level 46 = ZumazuRat, Frogs, SeaLizard
On level 47 = Nudist, KumaProtector, KumaWayShower
On level 49 = Kektalus
On level 50 = Nymph, Doberman, HerdSpider, NightMonkeys, Octipus
On level 51 = SexyBabe, LittleBlackBoar
On level 52 = WildDark, WildCaveMaggot
On level 53 = SexyBabe, SaharaElder, SaharaWarrior
On level 54 = ForestKing, KumaSuperior, CrazyDark
On level 55 = Pervert, SaharaProtector, Nymph, IceMaggotMaster
On level 56 = IceMaggotMaster
On level 59 = LostFlamer, LostThunderer, LostProtector
On level 60 = Velociraptor, GiantApe, AmazonWarrior
On level 61 = NumaKing, BlackMaggotus
On level 62 = ApeKing
On level 63 = VileMoth, Centipedus
On level 64 = AntleryBarbarian, Tongsus
On level 65 = AmazonGuard
On level 65 = ToughBarbarian
On level 68 = CrazyBarbarian
On level 70 = SavageMonsters
On level 71 = ViciousKing
On level 75 = CrazyLady, AntleryGuardian
On level 76 = BarbarianGuardian
On level 78 = SlaveGuardLord
On level 79 = OctopusGuardian

Enjoy & Happy Hunting!


Lista mobow pod tamke(do przejecia) dla wiza odswiezona 07/02/2020:

Na levelku 31 = Spiders
Na levelku 36 = Kumas
Na levelku 38 = BigApe
Na levelku 40 = Monkeys, MadWhiteWorm, LovelyBother
Na levelku 41 = HookingKing
Na levelku 42 = ClawedAgilecus
Na levelku 43 = Spiked/Axed Kumans
Na levelku 44 = Clawedus, SmallIceMaggot, OmaClubber
Na levelku 45 = OmaClubber, SlaveGuard
Na levelku 46 = ZumazuRat, Frogs, SeaLizard
Na levelku 47 = Nudist, KumaProtector, KumaWayShower
Na levelku 49 = Kektalus
Na levelku 50 = Nymph, Doberman, HerdSpider, NightMonkeys, Octipus
Na levelku 51 = SexyBabe, LittleBlackBoar
Na levelku 52 = WildDark, WildCaveMaggot
Na levelku 53 = SexyBabe, SaharaElder, SaharaWarrior
Na levelku 54 = ForestKing, KumaSuperior, CrazyDark
Na levelku 55 = Pervert, SaharaProtector, Nymph, IceMaggotMaster
Na levelku 56 = IceMaggotMaster
Na levelku 59 = LostFlamer, LostThunderer, LostProtector
Na levelku 60 = Velociraptor, GiantApe, AmazonWarrior
Na levelku 61 = NumaKing, BlackMaggotus
Na levelku 62 = ApeKing
Na levelku 63 = VileMoth, Centipedus
Na levelku 64 = AntleryBarbarian, Tongsus
Na levelku 65 = AmazonGuard
Na levelku 65 = ToughBarbarian
Na levelku 68 = CrazyBarbarian
Na levelku 70 = SavageMonsters
Na levelku 71 = ViciousKing
Na levelku 75 = CrazyLady, AntleryGuardian
Na levelku 76 = BarbarianGuardian
Na levelku 78 = SlaveGuardLord
Na levelku 79 = OctopusGuardian

Prosze zglaszac problemy jesli beda:)

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15 Dec 2015 - Donate


(Unable to process them right now!).

Sorry for inconvenience!

ps. If you have any other questions leave me a PM!



(Nie jestem w stanie sie nimi zajac puki co).

Sorki za problem!

ps. Jesli ktos ma pytania prosze o PM!
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List Of Special Quest Items with NPC in safe house:

ProbeNecklace = allows you to check other players coordinates.

SkillNecklace = when equipped skills level faster.
RevivalRing = Keeps player alive. (when u get to low health it will automatically
fill it back up and lose some dura - fix it regullary to avoid vanishing!)
ResurrectionRing = upgraded version of RevivalRing.
ResurgenceRing = upgraded version of ResurrectionRing.
TeleportRing = allows user to teleport to chosen coordinates.
ParalysisRing = paralyse the monsters for short period of time.
ProtectionRing = makes your mana work as health.
MuscleRing = Ring which allows you to carry more.

RingOfStrength = MuscleRing upgrade:).
SilverRings = Upgrades to Para/Pro Rings.
XtremeRings = Upgrades to  Para/Pro Rings.

List Of Quests for various items:

SacredItems = Quest in front of BlackPalace. (normal stats items, made of uni items)

SekhmetItems = Quest in PazuzuRuins. (better than items from pazuzutaurus)

SekhmetusItems = Upgrade of Sekhmet Items. NPC in Pazuzu.
IsisItems = Upgrade to SekhmetusItems. NPC in VileScorpions.
KimJong Items = Upgrade to Isis Items. NPC in SavageWoods.
Trump Items
= Upgrade to
KimJong Items. NPC in AbysalCity.
Bonaparte Items = Upgrade to Trump Items. NPC in XtremeIndians.

GolemItems = Quest in Golems M1 92 26. (various rare items 51 level stats)

BarbarianItems Upgrade = Quest in BarbarianLand. (various items, NPC by AntleryBarbarian spawn place)
AntleryItemsUp = Upgrade to BarbarianItems - Barbarians F1 233 54
BrutalItemsUp = Upgrade to AntleryItems - ToughDinoF3 Entrance

Night/DarkNight Items = Quest in NightBichon. (various rare items)

VampireItems = HPSteal Ring + great Wiz/Tao brace:) NPC on entrance to Vampires East.
(can be upgraded to VampireLordRing)

LionMasterItems = NumaLandF4 97 331

DarkLord Items = Quest in DarkPit. (various rare items)
Darkness Items = Upgrade of DarkLord items:) Quest in DarkPit.
Twilight Items = Upgrade of Darkness items:) Quest in DarkPitF2.
Evening Items = Upgrade of Twilight items:) NPC in Night Bichon.
ShoeDesigner = Various shoes quests. NPC can be found in some of the houses in Woomyon.

List Of Ring Quests:

GiantRing = Quest on Golems map. (NPC on F2 next to houses)
ColossusRing = Upgrade to GiantRing. Quest on Golems map. (NPC on F3 next to houses)
CyclopsRing = Upgrade to ColossusRing. Quest on Golems GRP F1.

Antlery/CadiumRings = Velo for war/ WizTao stats, NPC in BarbarianLand near teleport
Savage&Calamine = Upgrade to Antlery/Cadium Barbarians F2 181 92.
Fero&Calamity = Upgrade to Savage&Calamine NPC in BarbarianLand near teleport

WildRing = Quest in WildPalace. (good stats, no level requirements)
LoveRing = Upgrade to WildRing. Quest in ViciousCave. (great stats, no level requirements)
PassionRing = Upgrade to LoveRing. Quest in OverseersCave. (amazing stats, no level requirements)
RingOfJoy = Upgrade to PassionRing. Quest in FrozenPalace F3. (superb stats, no level requirements)

CitrusRing = StatsRing, NPC before EvilDragonGod KR.
VodkaRing = Upgrade to CitrusRing, NPC before JinchonDevil KR.
CognacRing = Upgrade to VodkaRing, NPC before IceQueen KR.
WhiskyRing = Upgrade to CognacRing, NPC around Wild KR.

List Of Bracelets Quests:

Defensive Bracelet & Upgrades:
OgreKingBracelet = Quest in OgrePit. (NPC before entrance, good defense bracelet)
ToughKingBracelet = Quest in ToughDino. (NPC on entrance, upgrade to OgreKingBracelet)
HeroicKingGlove = Quest in ToughIndians. (NPC on entrance, upgrade to ToughKingBracelet)
EpicKingBracelet = Quest in Centipedus Cave. (NPC on F4 Centipedus)
GrandKingBracelet = Quest in Vile Boars Cave. (NPC on Entrance)
LegendaryGlove = Quest in FrozenMaidens. (NPC there as well)
ExceptionalGlove = Quest in AbysalCity Cave. (NPC there as well)
ImperialGlove = Quest in all of the above caves. (NPC in Woomyon Village)

List Of Necklaces Quests:

SeaNeckleus = Quest on TheBeach. (bonus % dmg for Wiz & Tao)
Various Necklaces - OccultLair KR (Upgrade to CW & Xuanwu Necklace etc).

DinozaurusNecklace = Quest in Underground. (no level requirements + has luck)

GalacticNecklace = Towerus entrance (no level requirements + has luck)

Solar/Pleiades/Cassiopeia Necklaces = NPC before the IsleOfSkyeF2 (upgradges to savant, lsn & galactic)
Special Upgrades = NPC by IceLord KR (upgradges to savant, lsn & galactic

List Of Weapons Quests:

PazuzuSword = Quest NPC on PazuzuRuins entrance, upgrade of DGS.
SwordOfDarkness = Quest NPC on LandOfShadows entrance, upgrade of PazuzuSword.
ValyrianSword = Quest NPC by ViciousAndLord KR, upgrade of SwordOfDarkness.
TizonaSword = Quest NPC before AquaTaurusKR, upgrade of ValyrianSword.
GloriousSword = Quest NPC before OccultLairF3 KR, upgrade of TizonaSword.

List Of Armour Quests:

Lizard/Lords Armor = Level 52 armor, quest NPC on PitOfTheLords entrance.
Overlord/Reptilian Armor = Level 61 armor, quest NPC on PitOfTheLords entrance.
Upgrade to OverLordItems - F3 on PitOfTheLords.

ZumazuKingArmor = Rare armor, quest NPC in Zumazu - upgrade to OctopusArmor.

ToughKingArmor = Rare armor, quest NPC in ToughDinoF3 - upgrade to ZumazuArmor.
OccultLordArmor = Rare armor, quest NPC in Mystic KR - upgrade to ToughKingArmor.
MightyLordArmo = Rare armor, quest NPC in in Barb F3 - upgrade to OccultLordArmor.

List Of Helmets Quests:

Lizard/Lords Helmet = Level 52 rare helmet, quest NPC on PitOfTheLords entrance.
Overlord/Reptilian Helmet = Level 61 helmets, quest NPC on PitOfTheLords entrance.
(Upgrades to Lizard & Lord

LionKingHelmet = Quest NPC at the end of NumaLand F4, close to boss, its upgrade of LionHelmet.
EpicLionHelmet = Quest NPC can be found in IsleOfSkeF2, its upgrade to LionKingHelmet.
PantherHelmet = Quest NPC can be found before JL KR, its upgrade to EpicLionHelmet.

Shako/Kepi = Level 58 helmets, quest NPC can be found in LandOfShadows.
Epic Shako/Kepi = Level 65 helmets, quest NPC can be found by LordOfDarkness KR.

List of Set Items:

ChangeSet = gives HP for MP. (can be found in magic ship)
NumaSet = bonus stats for classes 33dc/28sc/28mc. (NumaRuins all mobs)
EnmitySet = Critical Hits x3 (1 item always vanish on death). (EvilTongs)
OrchidSet = +2acc and HP stealing. (ApeKing)
RecallSet = allows to recall group. (4 pieces from 4 different bosses)
WildSet = better version of NumaSet. (drops from WildTaurus)
AdamSet = ac/mr/sc/dc/mc +7. (zoo = slashers, monkeys)

List Of HP stealing items:

OrchidItems (ApeKing)
Sea Ring & Bracelet (Quest on TheBeach)
CrazyWar items (LizardBoss, IceQueen, MysticLord)
Xuanwu items (AquaTaurus, IceLord, VampireLord)
Dark Knight items (SilverKnight)

List of other special items:

LawSoulNecklace (increase wiz/tao dmg by 20% = MysticLord)
SeaNecklace (increase wiz/tao dmg by 7% = TheBeach)
SavantNecklace (chance to posion monster with each hit)
PrimalRage (great weapon with poison and good stats)

VermilionStone (high stats stone, various quest level 51)
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Bosses and their drop files

HookingKing = rare level 20 weapons
EvilSnake = some of level 38-42 skills
EvilScorpion = some of level 38-42 skills
Lost Bosses in Pranja = level 42 adv armors
GreatEvilTongs = variety of usable items
SlaveGuardLord = variety of usable items
WitchLord = variety of usable items
GhostLord = variety of usable items
GreyLord = variety of usable items
AntleryBarbarian = various rare items

On these maps drops some armours:
Sahara = level 38 armours
Indians = level 40 armours
SnowTower = level 44 armours
Towerus = level 46 armours

AntQueen = level 36 items
SpiderKing = level 37 items
IceWolfKing = level 38 items
RedMoonEvil = level 39 items
EvilCentipede = level 39 items
BoarKing = level 40 items
SkullGuardian = level 40 items
IndianGod = level 41 items
MinoTaurus = level 42 items
TowerGoddess = level 43 items
EvilDragonGod = level 43 items
ZumaTaurus = level 44 items
Lizardboss = level 45 tems
JinchonDevil = level 45 wiz/tao items
AncientLord = level 45 items
IceKing = level 45 warrior items
LionKing = level 46 items
WildTaurus = level 47 items
IceQueen = level 48 items
Goddessus = level 49 items
OgreDragonLord = level 49 items
NumaLord = level 49 items
MysticLord = level 50 items
TheBossusOfGolemus = level 50 items
DarkLorduS = level 51 items
JinchonLord = level 52 items
PazuzuTaurus = level 52 items
OctopusLord = level 52 items
AquaTaurus = level 54 items

ToughDinoLord = level 53-55 items
ShadowGod = level 55 items
IceLord = level 56 items
OccultLord = level 57-59 items
VampireLord = level 58 items
SilverKnight = level 60 items

BarbarianDragon = level 62 items
LordOfDarkness = level 64 items

FrozenQueen = level 66 items
AbysalDemonLord = level 68 items
DragonLord = level 70 items
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