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20 Apr 2014 - Mir 3 Glossary

Term Meaning
HP (Health Points) Amount of damage you can receive before you die.
MP (Mana Points) Mana, you need Mana to perform spells.
AC (Armor Charm) Defense against physical attacks.
MR (Magic Resistance) Defense against magical attacks.
PK (Killer Points) You get these killing people. When you get enough, you'll suffer the consequences.
FP (Fame Points) You get these killing bosses, you need them to wear some items.
DC (Destructive Charm) Physical attack power, use in body combat.
MC (Magic Charm) Magical attack power, used for Wizard's spells.
SC (Spirit Charm) Spirit attack power, used in Taost's spells.
M-All (Magic All) Both Spirit and Magic power.
Durability Durability of an object. When it's 0, it needs to be repaired or item won't increase your stats.
Weight Object's weight, you won't be able to carry some objects because they're too heavy (Check your BWeight,WWeight and HCWeight)
Luck Weapon feature, increases the posibility of critical hits. Opposite to Curse. You can improve this with BenedictionOil.
Curse Weapon feature, lowers your possibility of critical hits. Opposite to Luck. This feature increases for killing someone or with unlucky use of BenedictionOil.
Strength Weapon feature, it makes the durability last more. Increase your Strength with StrengthOil or Refining your Weapon.
Speed Also called velocity. Increases speed of physical attack.
Agility Increases your chances of avoiding taking hits.
Acurracy Increases your chances of hitting the target.
Weapon level Everytime weapon level increase, you need to refine. Every weapon has max 15 levels.
Comfort Boots feature, increases the speed of recovery.
BWeight (Bag Weight) Amount of weight you can carry in your bag.
WWeight (Wear Weight) Amount of weight you can wear. (Helmet, Armor, Necklace, Bracelets, Rings and Boots).
HCWeight (Hand Weight) Amount of weight in your equipment (Weapon, Light, Rose and Talisman).
E(Att) (Element(Attack)) Power of particual elemental attack (eg. cold,wind,fire,lighting,holy,dark,phasma)
E(Adv) (Element(Advantage)) Increases magical resistance to an element.
E(Dis) (Element(Disadvantage)) Decreases magical resistance to an element.
Recovery speed Increasing this, increases the speed of your HP and MP recovery. Boots comfort increase this.
HPR (Health Recovery) Amount of HP that a potion gives you.
MPR (Mana Recovery) Amount of MP that a potion gives you.

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Aha czyli na pewno nie w najbliższym czasie  ;D ;D


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Pod jakim względem fałszywy?
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mw sobie co chcesz ja przynajmniej nie jestem taki fałszywy jak ty


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Raven=***** dla jasności :D
Niech każdy wie  ;D

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