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Author Topic: Rules  (Read 97933 times)

« on: November 16, 2013, 02:16:02 PM »


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Listening to these rules is an obligatory of every player. If you don't agree with them you won't fit here, and might spend hours in red zone.

Penalties are decided by GM depending on the case, there is few examples in the rules, but Game Master doesn't need to follow them, he has the full right to make his own judgement.

Penalties given by GM are final. Trying to change GM decision may end up in getting double penalty. After the penalty if player doesn't try
to understand his mistake, but instead he does some kind of "revange" on the server, and affect server in negative way, or give away all items, penalty will be increased and items given away - deleted.

In case of complicated issues not mentioned in the rules, GM is the judge.

Rules of communication with Game Master

1. If you have a question to GameMaster keep in mind that GameMaster may not have time to answer everybody, so first try to ask other players, or try to find the answer on the forums. However if you still do not find what you are looking for - you can ask GM, but be precise and ask shortly.
2. Asking GameMaster for events, items, level etc. will be punished fast and painful.
3. It is forbidden to criticize GM without having a proper grounds to do so. Constructive comments about server are welcome.
4. GMs are netural to all players & guilds. Calling them prejudiced or accusing of treating people/guild different will get you in trouble. (chat bans, red zone, even de-level)

Main Rules

1. You cannot resurrect player without his permission.
2. You cannot use "recall set" to recall players out of safe zone to kill them.
3. It is forbidden to offend others on global chat. (Of course it may happen once or twice when you get angry in such case you will be warned by officer or GM, if it happen again you will get either chat ban or red zone)
a) Family related flame & racism comments will be penalized with red zone instantly.
b) You can use ironic or any other comments about other players on events/wars/pvp, however do not cross the line of a good taste. For example you can say "You are a crap warrior" instead of "Fuck you bitch".
4. You cannot give your character a nick name which will offend other players or demoralize them.
5. You cannot pretend that you are a GM.
6. Players under level 34 cannot take part in any PVP. (as they have protection till lvl 38, so it would ruin the PVP)
7. It is forbidden to leave your pets close to store or a public places. (if they untame, some players might die)
8. You cannot use bugs in game, if you find one, inform GM immediately.
9. If you are "red", you are a murderer. Guards are protecting citys from people like you. If they kill you any1 is allowed to pick up your stuff. RedIsland is your place.
a) You have no right on bosses anybody can kill you there.
b) You can be killed pretty much everywhere, only thing forbidden is ressing you and recalling for kill.
10. Try to solve any issue yourself, if you cannot inform GM.
11. You cannot use cheats or hacks. (for example dbt3)
a) If you mention cheats or dbt on global chat you will be put to red zone with a chat ban!
12. It is forbidden to PVP if GM is close by.
13. Fighting around town teleport stones is forbidden(3 coord away from the "stone" is permitted).
a) attacking player instantly on teleport spot is forbidden as well.
- you need to give person a chance to defend himself, let him make at least 2 steps, as attacking right on spot or too quick would be unfair.
b) attacking player instantly when he enter any map is also forbidden + as above:
- you need to give person a chance to defend himself, let him make at least 2 steps, as attacking right on spot or too quick would be unfair.
14. It is forbidden to lure monsters on guard and then collecting their drop.
15. It is forbidden to get some points on GuildMatch and then leave the Guild Match area just to win the Match. You should fight at least 30min,
camping is forbidden.
16. Stealing guild items is forbidden. If you leave a guild and you have guilds items you should return them to your old Guild Leader.
17. Borrowing items to other player is at your own risk, if players don't return them don't bother GM about it.
18. It is forbidden to block entrances to the cities, safe house, or king rooms! (actually any entrances!)
19. Using or spamming command @showhelmet for pvp etc. to bug steps back/forth is treated as cheating, big penalties apply, maybe not de-level as much as for cheating programs, but some for sure!
20. Trying to collect FP from bosses on more than 1 character is not allowed!!
a) Only moment when you can take a second character to boss is when its really necessary,
either because nobody else online wants to go with u, or there is nobody high level enough to go.
(In such case, it has to be later proven, and FP gained on second character "refunded" to GM.
If I see there was 20+ online users at the time, I will not accept it)
21. You cannot PK player on the respawn point straight after he ressurect himself! or after he relogged! Give him time to move!!
22. It is forbidden to use shoulder dash bug during PVP. (what I mean by that it is forbidden to make shoulder from outside screen,
to make you invisible to other players and then to kill them, of course shoulder from and on wall to get similar effect is forbidden as well).
a) of course if you did it by accident during PVP there will be no penalty.
23. It is forbidden to log off on last floors(KingRooms, where bosses spawn) just to come back for the boss alone - skipping the way to the bosses. If you get caught you will lose 200 FP as a warning, on 2nd time much more!
24. Using teleport skill to lure out or bug geo mobs is not allowed. (If you get caught u risk long red zones or even losing some items).
25. Using geo spell or interchange to make shortcuts on way to high level bosses is strictly forbidden. (eg. jumping over a wall and using interchange or beckon after to bring your team over it and skip the ways).
26. It is forbidden to use emergency teleports, or wizards teleport to steal bosses(by teleporting in front of other group which is on last floor before the boss KR).
a) If you use emergency, and possible, get OFF the KR and check if anyone is on the way - this way you will avoid penalty if REPORTED!
b) If you use wizard teleport, make sure nobody else is walking on the last floor to the boss, as wizard teleport is allowed as a shortcut only if nobody else is already on the way, otherwise you are stealing their boss. You can always ask for group, and in many cases they will add you without a problem.
c) If you have a chance, or know someone used emer in front of u please PM them, let them know, and give them chance to tt and avoid penalty(both sides Win this way).
27. You cannot use teleport ring for PKing, if u tp and instant SND player not only can't see you, but also has no time to react.
28. It is forbidden to lure monsters to kill groups on the group EXP maps which are "safe".
29. It is forbidden to steal "recent" lure on Golem GRP EXP maps, it mean lure that just had been made, and someone is there standing by it waiting for the GRP to arrive.
30. It is forbidden to do quests on doubles, and tree characters, only main characters should be doing them!
If your try to make FP quests for example on all doubles - you may get penalised.
31. It is not allowed to abuse GRP EXP, on GRP EXP maps by making fake low level characters, and taking them with you. (only real players can take part, you want higher EXP take real low level players!)
32. If you are inactive you still should respect the server, and it's active players. If you spread some false rumors, speak bad word about dark side in other places, or only log in to mess people lives by mocking, and "PKing" them you will be deleted.
33. Using lighting beam to kill high level bosses being out of their range is not allowed.
34. Student/Master system is in the game only to help new players, you are not allowed to level your own character as student. You are also not allowed to collect the reward for getting student to level 58 if it's your own character! - after all you did not help anyone, but yourself, you don't DESERVE the reward!. If you get caught taking reward you lose 1000 FP as penalty, and in extreme circumstances you will also lose one level if you helped youself too much with leveling.
a) using own student character as shortcut/teleport is not allowed as well.
35. Sometimes I may accidently send weekend bonus or starter pack to you twice, or to second character, it is your responsibility to report it and return the extra prize.
36. If you PK/PVP and use items protection you are not allowed to steal items from other players(as it would be unfair if you couldn't drop items, but you could drop off them).
37. If you drop an item from character, you can ask GM to equip it back for you - one time every 3 months. Other than that you are SUPPOSED to use protect tokens and do item protection for items you don't wanna drop when you don't have the level to wear items after rebirths. (you need to prove you had item equipped and dropped it, you cannot use this option to equip items you have never wore before!.

Rules about Bosses

1. You can go with only 1 character to the boss room / KR, only 1 character per boss is allowed, no doubling is allowed.
a) It's a team game if you cannot solo the boss, take other players, don't try to use 2/3 character yourself on many VMs, or PCs.
b) You cannot book two bosses at the same time, using two characters in different boss rooms / KRs.
c) When there are 2 bosses on one map, and you book it solo - you need to kill it solo, you cannot book 1, and your friend another 1, and then you kill and and wait for a friend with another, this is cheating, and blocking other groups from bosses, and its not allowed.
2. It is forbidden to take over boss, which is already being killed by one group, or by one player who is strong enough to solo it...
a) If the player dies, can return and continue to kill his boss up to 5minutes. If not returned by then boss is free for others.
b) Once the boss is yours you have right to finish the boss with friends safely, and collect the drop up to 2min, after the boss was killed.
2.1 If boss is already spawned in KR and you entered - boss is yours, cannot be taken from you.
a) group bosses HAVE to be booked with the group, cannot be booked alone! If you enter KR alone or die instant on entrance - boss is not yet yours!
- If you arrive to group boss KR alone and boss is alive, he is not yet booked and can be taken by other group until your group arrives. (group - at least 2 people who can kill the boss).
- If the group boss is alive, player who arrived alone & did not yet book it is still protected by boss rules and should not be killed.
-- Only moment when you can kill him is if he attack you.
2.2 On big maps which have no KR (& have stable boss rs coord) - the person, who is close to the boss / clearing the way to iy have the right to it. Do not run in front of him to steal the boss.
a) When respawn coord is random, who finds the boss first it's his, no booking is possible, as nobody knows where the boss is.
2.3 When there is a respawn of a Boss in a KR, and there are many different groups, but they didn't PVP before(or there is a safe zone), then the Boss belong to the group which was in KR first. There is nothing like you hit the Boss first so its yours. If you want it, come earlier to KR or fight for it before respawn.
(This works only if you are in the KR maximum 30 minutes before the spawn time, person is not allowed to stay whole day in KR, and book all the bosses)
a) If you arrive to the boss respawn area first, don't go afk too long, or you will lose right to this boss, also make sure to answer any shout asking if anyone is there, if you don't for too long, you will forfeit right to the boss!
2.4 PVP in KR is allowed, but only, when the group are waiting for the respawn. In such situation you can kill Boss after the PVP.
a) IceLord KR has different rules. You cannot enter KR before boss spawns (check NPC in front). Reason for that is lack of space in KR
for PVP, so group has to fight in front of KR before boss spawns.
aa) If after killing IceLord there is more than 10 minutes till next respawn, you have to leave KR and wait outside to give others chance to fight for it.
b) Special VampireGuardian is treated like a boss, so if he is alive and group already "booked it" (check point 1.2), the PVP no longer is allowed.
c) Special EpicBarbarianGuard is treated like a boss, so if he is alive and group going BD is close to it, they "booked it"  (check point 1.2), and PVP no longer is allowed.
d) For LOD once GRP entered KR, and Master is there, they "booked it"  (check point 1.2), and PVP no longer is allowed.
e) In case of FQ & Abysal, PVP is allowed till the GRP spawned first fake boss, and entered KR.
2.5 Boss summoned from a Boss scroll is treated equally as the any other Boss. Your scroll your Boss.
2.6 It is allowed to kill the Boss in big groups and use eg. recall set to come back. The other groups cannot take the boss from you, until you resign, or not return to KR within 5minutes.
2.7 During the killing of the Boss by one group its forbidden to kill them or to block the way into KR.
2.8 When the boss is being killed, players not from the group who has the boss, are obligated to stay as far as its needed to not interrupt the fight. (you cannot lure mobs on the players which are killing the boss)
3. PVP for the boss can happen in KR before the respawn or on last floor before the KR(if any of the groups is going for the boss). It ends after second PK/DEATH. Player who was resurrected by GEM can fight 1 more time. Gem cannot be replaced during boss PVP, and once you die again you lose, so leave the KR.
(Please remember, if you leave PVP or use TT - you lose!)
a) If you lose PVP for the boss you are fobidden to use emergency teleport to over take the winners, as it will be treated as theft and you will be jailed.
b) It is forbidden to wear "crap items" on last floors before the boss & in KRs(to stop players coming only to ruin the guild boss hunts).
c) BD F3 is treated like a KR, if one group is going for a boss, and you fight them there, the rule of two deaths apply.
d) It is also forbidden to pick up the drop by the players who did not take part in the PVP. (observers/watchers cannot just jump in and steal dropped items).
3.1 PVP in KR has to be fair, you cannot just kill people on entrance, once they enter let em see map around before you attack them.
4. Rules about boss stacking.
a) Bosses who have guards and are for levels 60-70, like BD, LOD, FQ, ADL, DL, are allowed to be stacked, but maximum of 4 at the same time.
b) bosses for level 70 to 90 like OverseerEmperor, EternalLord, SupremeLord, are allowed
to be stacked maximum 3 at the same time.

Rules about drop

1. You cannot steal items which some1 dropped while killing a Boss. Stolen item has to be returned to the owner. Talismans, pots and ginsengs not counted as items, so can be collected.
2. It is forbidden to pick up other player items if dropped while killing Bosses/Monsters. (unless they ask you to).
Talismans, pots and ginsengs are not counted as items, so can be collected.
3. It is forbidden to pick up dropped items on events without the owner permission. Talismans, pots and ginsengs are not counted as items, so can be collected.
4. If some1 dropped item in safe zone (cos of dead bug > die after tt) you are not allowed to pick up his items! Safe zone has to stay a safe zone:)
5. If you do not participate in PVP you cannot just jump in and collect items that players drop, only people participating have the rights to the items.

Rules about accounts and characters

1. Using the account of other player without his permission is forbidden. Such behavior will not be accepted.
2. using the same character/account with many players (eg. multiaccount) is only your responsibility. If you allow others to play with you, and they steal your items, it is not stealing as you gave them passwords... Spamming GM saying eg. "I was playing with my friend on one account and he stole all items" - will be ignored.
3. If your give away your account to somebody else, the account becomes their ownership. You cannot come back after few months and report a theft of an account. Lying is not acceptable
4. It is forbidden to pick up the drop by the players who did not take part in the PVP. (observers/watchers cannot just jump in and steal dropped items).

Rules about trading/market

1. It is forbidden to buy or sell items & character for real money! eg. gbp/pln/euro/aed.
a) If caught selling stuff - items(or ints/fp) that were being sold will be removed.
*only moment when you can sell your character is when it was inactive for past 18 months.
(or 36 months if you left the game in bad circumstance, eg. drama, PKing people, being red zones etc)
**once you been inactive and decide to sell you have to contact Sejanus first, you might be
charged commission if character is very high level.
*** If GM is not asked for permission beforehand or sold character have been used in past 18 months - it will be deleted.
(so if you are a buyer be aware you might lose the money you paid for it)
*** Even if you have been inactive GM has a full right of refusing you permission to sell a character.
**** Character being sold has to be worth more than the items on it, otherwise it will look like
its sold for items, not for character itself, and items selling is not allowed.
b) of course as you guessed it is not allowed to spam such sales on global chat as well.
2. It is forbidden to sell character for FP, or Ints without 18 months of inactivity as well.
3. It is forbidden to spam global chat too much about selling anything else too.
(eg. You are allowed to sell on global chat, but 1 message - once in 10min)

Rules about events

1. Always use peace attack mode on events. (If at any point you don't and you hit/dmg someone accidently,
you will be always the guilty party, and you can be killed by that person in self defense).
2. It is forbidden to PVP during events!
a) If someone try to steal your event mob - he does not play fair, let him know that the mob is yours,
if it doesn't help report him with a screenshot or as a last resort you are allowed to attack such player
and even kill him. Please keep in mind it has to be later proved as the reason why you attacked him
or you will end up in red zone!
b) If someone attacked you during events you are allowed to self defense, of course not if you been attacked
for stealing his event mobs. In such case you should leave or you are at risk of loosing items.
c) if event happens on normal map PvP is allowed 5min after event ends.
3. It is fobidden to steal any event spawned mobs or bosses eg: hodors, twinkis, nymphs and bosses spawned in
Woomyon! No HP rule, if you find the mob the mob is yours its not allowed to steal it no more. (50% rule is only for trees).
ps. You are not allowed to lure all event mobs and make them yours, event is event learn to share!
a) In case of bosses booking more than 1 boss at the time by 1 player or spreading guild members
to book as many bosses as possible at once are not allowed.
4. it is forbidden to pick up anybody items without their permission during event!
a) only moment when you can is if you been attacked and killed person in self defense, in this case you can
steal perpetrator items.

Special rules about EVENT TREES:

a) You can have a maximum of one of your characters in the group.
(also maximum one character on trees per person at one time, it is not allowed
to hit with many characters, and just collect prizes on one)
If you try to cheat ints/fp from trees by putting more you will be punished.
- If you use second character for a family member, or same household on the tree
make sure FP/Ints you get there are used by that person not you,
if you transfer them to self you will look like doubler and your FP/INTs will be CUT!
+ Family member has to moderately active, it would make no sense to allow getting
prizes for a person who never log in.
b) you cannot PK anybody around EventTrees/boxes/ etc., its supposed to be
a safe event space, even brown nicknames hitting tree shall not be attacked.
c) only moment when you are permitted to kill some1 around the tree is if they
attack you, is "red" or if they fought u in PVP and then ran to the tree for protection.
d) If you found the tree and tree is above 50% you have to group anyone asking!
e) you are not allowed to add anyone to the tree any longer when it's HP is under 20-25%,
people need to participate to get the prizes, cannot just come last minute and get them!
(leader of the group is responsible, he will be jailed if rule is not followed)
f) only players around tree should be grouped, if there is for example 8 players around tree
it mean, three spaces are free and should be filled by anyone asking.
g) it is forbidden to recall afk players to the tree and keep them only for prizes - as they will only take space, and they will not participate in the event. Make sure all people recalled are there to move to & hit that tree.

Rules regarding MudWall & Sabuk Castle Wars:

1. Only active Guilds can apply for a war.
a) Guild need to have stable members and be active at least a month.
2. If your guild is no longer active you are not permitted to keep the wall, eg. by defending the wall using your allies. (It would be a waste to keep a wall for some1 who does not use it)
3. Changing guild only for the War is not allowed, you have to stay in the guild you are a permanent member of.
a) Splitting a guild into two, and manipulating members is not allowed(switching members upon need).
b) changing leaders during war of course is not allowed as well! leader has to be stable and active!
4. Psychological warfare is allowed, but only twice per month. (eg twice in may, twice in april etc.). (psychological warfare = starting a war and not turning up for it). If some guild start a war every couple days and never turn up, guild leaders will be red zoned for a long period of time.
5. If you are starting a Sabuk or Mudwall war, you are obligated to fight 30min minimum. If you come in the last 10min just to take the flag, you lose!
6. You cannot use pets at wars! The only pets allowed are basic tao pets.
7. Using "ress bug" on MudWall war is forbidden, once you die and have the bug, wait 3 seconds and let the "auto ress zone tele" take you away from the podium. (ress bug = bug which makes you ress at the same spot you died after pressing "ress in town" option).
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